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DAY 1 – Food talk with Charlie

November 1, 2009

the sun rose on a quiet and hungover Key West (its Fantasy Fest!) Leigh Smith made her way to Help Yourself to have her first meal and talk with Charlie about her current diet and eating habits. Here’s what we found out….

Currently Leigh rises at about 6am and makes coffee. She drinks 3 cups of coffee a day and doesn’t really eat breakfast, if she does its a bowl of cereal.  At breakfast time everyone fends for themselves. A typical breakfast for the kids may be cheese sticks, lucky charms, cherrios or toasted strudels, washed down with chocolate or strawberry milk.

Lunch is usually eaten somwhere between 11.30 – 12.30. Matt, Leighs husband, is at work and the eldest child is at school so it is just Leigh and her youngest daughter. Leigh might have a tuna salad sandwich and her daughter will have grilled cheese or chicken nuggets.

Dinner is a family affair and is served at 6pm. A typical dinner might be grilled pork chops or Mac and Cheese out of a packet.

Leigh drinks soda all day long and only 1 glass of real water. The family snacks on chips, pretzels, ice cream and the such. They rarely eat fresh vegetables or fruits.

All this is about to change!

Leigh’s first meal of the 30 day challenge was the Power Bowl. This is Help Yourself’s version of oatmeal, except instead of using rolled oats they use whole oat groats that have not been processed in any way. They are slow cooked and served warm and creamy with homemade coconut milk, chia seeds and flax seeds (both high in omega 3 and 6), goji berries (super antioxidant, high in vitamin C and protein) then sprinkled with hemp seeds (high in protein and omega 3 and 6).

For lunch Leigh took home with her the Ancient Secret Salad and dinner for the family was the pasta primavera as we thought it would be the best transition meal for the rest of the family.

We expect Leigh to show signs of detox in the first week as her body gets used to the change in diet and begins to rid itself of the toxins. This may potentially make Leigh feel worse for a short while but it is an essential part of any detox.

Tomorrow morning sees Leigh at Stay Fit Studio for her first work out of the challenge.

Starting weight – 240lbs


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