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DAY 2 – First work out and the big kitchen clean out

November 2, 2009

Leigh, the stay at home Mom doesn’t know what hit her! Today was her first work out, her first nutrition consultation and the big kitchen clean out.

Leigh does not exercise on a regular basis so this morning Amy put her to the test! Watch the video but  make sure to scroll down to see what Leigh has been feeding herself and her family up until now on a daily basis and to see what we threw out (all food was donated to charity).


Kitchen Clean Out
Leigh watched quietly, lost for words, as Donna and Charlie raided the  refrigerator and kitchen cupboards throwing out item after item after item. High Fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils,  artificial flavorings and colorings, preservatives and additives all ran rampant. The only fresh produce to be seen was a wilted brown iceburg lettuce lying all alone in the bottom of the fridge.

kitchen clean up 3I honestly think it was a true eye opener for Leigh to be faced with what was really in the food that she had innocently been buying. Everything came in brightly colored packaging, was highly processed and full of junk. In fact it was even surprising to me just how much high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils were in all the foods Leigh had in her cupboards and refrigerator, we pretty much cleared her out of everything – sorry Leigh!” Charlie

Now the cupboards are bare its time to go shopping for some ‘real food’! Check in tomorrow evening for details of the shopping trip.

(all food taken out of Leigh’s cupboards was donated to charities)

Kitchen clean up 1kitchen clean up5kitchen clean up7Leigh’s Diary

“What a Day!!  Great workout this morning with Amy, I actually surprised myself with a few things I could do.  But I am surely feeling it now.  I had a good meeting with Donna this morning and I actually learned alot from her.  And the Kitchen Clean out….Oh my Goodness I really had no idea all the “crap” I had in my house.  Look at all the stuff I was feeding my kids.  How embarrassing was that?!?  What a busy day but I am really enjoying this experience.  And I am once again calling it a night early in the evening.  This is kicking my butt!!  I am not used to running around this much. I also got a call from Dr Floyd today about my Lab Work from last week and she says I look like a million dollars on paper.  What a relief!”

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