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DAY 3 – Shopping and a pilates class – easy day!

November 3, 2009

Leigh’s Diary

“Good morning Key West and Hello hamstrings, biceps and triceps!   You should of seen the bright green smoothie I had this morning.  Looked like something right out of a Science Lab.  I luckily read the ingredients after drinking it because if I would of know before I doubt I would even tried!  <—pineapple, mango, banana, cucumber, cilantro, spinach and lime
Here it is a little after 2p and I am so tired.  I would love to just crawl into bed right now.  But Ethan is about to come home from school, Sophia will be waking soon from her nap, the clothes won’t fold themselves and that’s right I have a Pilates class at the gym this evening!  How on earth am I going to make it????  Oh what I would do and/or give for a HUGE cup of coffee!” LAS


After Donna and Charlie emptied Leigh’s cupboards yesterday we had to take her shopping to restock them! So this morning Donna joined Leigh at the commissary on the military base and changed the way Leigh shopped – forever we hope!

Leigh shopping1Have you ever paid attention to the way a supermarket is laid out? If you have you will know that all the fresh un-packaged foods are all around the perimeter and the packaged processed foods are in the center isles. Leigh is a center isle shopper. Everything she buys comes in a package and is practically ready to eat. She rarely goes near the perimeter and if so it is just to grab some onions or her iceburg lettuce. We even found out today that her children have never eaten a real orange.

Leigh shopping2This morning Donna kept Leigh to edges of the supermarket isles and filled Leighs basket with fresh vegetables and fruits, many of which Leigh had never even tried. She doesn’t know what to do with them yet but she is going to learn!!

In the afternoon Leigh took her first pilates class and with muscles still screaming from yesterdays first fitness session it wasn’t easy for her, but she did it and she’s still smiling!

Also today, we dropped off the food we took out of Leigh’s house at the Samusls House which is a safe haven for homeless women and women with children. They were very grateful.

donating food1

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