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DAY 4 – Leigh gets it easy!

November 4, 2009

We took it easy on Leigh today! She had a spinning class in the morning and collected her food from Help Yourself and that was it.

Charlie chatted with a red faced Leigh after her spinning class, whilst she was waiting for her food to be prepared, and asked how her body was adjusting to the new diet. Just as we expected her bowels are eliminating much much more than they ever did, which is great! And she was glad that Charlie warned her of the effects that the beet juice has otherwise she might have been calling Doctor Julie Floyd in a panic! But all in all she is enjoying trying ingredients that she had never tried before. Leigh has never even eaten a beet let alone drunk beet juice. Never could she have imagined drinking a green juice or a green smoothie for breakfast before this challenge started and now that’s a daily occurrence, way to go Leigh!!

Today Leigh was sent home with the hummus wrap for her lunch. Hummus is great because it contains plenty of fiber and protein (especially when mixed with the quinoa tabbouleh as it is in the hummus wrap) and is relatively low in fat. It is especially good for lowering cholesterol and helping blood sugar levels. Its also a great dip to have for a snack. For dinner Leigh was going to try the lasagna from the raw section of the menu, so we shall see how she enjoyed that tomorrow!

That’s it for today, make sure you check out the fitness video posted right before this, more fun stuff tomorrow!

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