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Colorful + Healthy = HAPPINESS – Leigh’s quote of the day!

November 5, 2009

Leigh – ” This week already has been full of colors. My food, my daily smoothies, morning Detox juice, my Poop and today I started taking these Green Horse pills they call a Daily supplement (multivitamins). The bottle says “EASY TO SWALLOW” which translates to “just Try to swallow this HUGE pill!”

Donna – I caught up with Leigh this morning just before her Pedal and Pump class…double trouble, spinning and light weight work…to drop off the supplements I had ordered for her. She needs a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and she’s taking 1000mg fish oil daily. We’re not obsesses with calorie counting in the program, but focusing on eating wholesome foods that are delivering good nutrients to her system. She remarked how she wasn’t as hungry yesterday as she thought she’d be and actually suggested we reduce the portion size of her lunch time wraps. Imagine that!  Like a lot of people, she realized she was eating at prescribed times whether she needed to or not and she verbally acknowledged that today. That’s progress because now she’s realizing there are other internal cues to listen eating ONLY when you get the hunger cue.

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