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DAY 6 – Part 1

November 7, 2009



Between 6-8am I pooped three times. What the hell is coming out of me? I can only assume its all the “shit” I have eaten in the last 34 years. I have given up so much to better my life: diet soda, ice cream, candy, coffee creamer and any boxed meals I had in my kitchen. But I just cannot stop getting on the scale each morning, Sorry Amy! (My personal trainer says to stay off the scale so I don’t get discouraged) Cannot I have at least one “bad” thing I do? That being said I would like to let all you know that I have lost 5 lbs this week. And since I put in the application a month ago I have lost 10 lbs in total. I have tried to loose the weight in the past but I haven’t gotten as good a response as this time. I see what the difference is now. You have to mentally be ready to take on the “challenge” yourself. You have to eat right, exercise daily (cannot make excuses about why you shouldn’t) and do it for the right reason. I am doing it for MYSELF!

workout4Personal trainer day at the gym. What a workout!!!!! Amy kicked my ass but I stayed right with her and did everything she asked from me. Each time I wanted to give up I looked in her eyes and I can tell she is doing this for me. She is passionate with her work and is doing her best to help me with my fitness. After 1 week of exercising with her I can tell I am already getting stronger not only in my arms but during an exercise Amy asked if my knee was hurting and it wasn’t! I think I am building up the muscles around my injury and it’s getting stronger.”


instructor_amy_s“Week one with Leigh was great. Thank you to my Stay Fit family for greeting Leigh with open arms and helping me make her feel comfortable. I know one of her biggest challenges was going to be actually just going to a fitness studio. She has really excelled the biggest thing I learned which is very common is Leigh is much stronger than she thinks. She has a tremendous ability to push through pain which most moms have. Now I know we have no limitations and we are set up to meet Leigh’s goals!”


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  1. November 10, 2009 12:26 pm

    Enjoyed shopping around the perimeter of the market. So true!

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