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DAY 8 – One Week In!

November 9, 2009


LeighOne week down and I got a day of “rest” today.  I wouldn’t say I got alot of rest though.  Clothes had to be washed, rooms had to be picked up, kids needed some “mommy time” and I just needed to catch up on things here and there.

But I do want to tell you something that happened to me this morning.  While making my coffee this morning I put a little organic milk in with truvia (natural sweetener).  No big deal, I have gotten used to drinking my coffee without creamer all week.   Today I had almost 2 cups when this past week I had only been drinking 1/2 cup.  Not long after drinking it my stomach began to feel so sick.  I was in the bathroom so sick and I felt as though I needed to throw up.  Oh no, what was wrong with me now I thought.  I texted and called my “experts” to let them know what was wrong with me.  Finally Donna called me back and we went through what I had eaten since Friday with a fine tooth comb.  We couldn’t figure it out and then I remembered about the small amount of milk I added to my coffee this AM.  I had been dairy free for a week and that little bit I had in my coffee really messed up my system.  I had told the “experts” about my Lactose problems in the past but I never would of thought it was this bad.  I guess this is a true eye opener for me.  At least I know somewhere to get some great Dairy Free ice cream!!!

Also I have been told numerous times over the past couple of days that there is something different about me.   Must be all that water I have been drinking, it tends to clear up your face and make you look better?!  But if I had to guess I bet my attitude has changed 110% over the past week.  I feel different about myself and I know it shows to others.  Thank you all that have commented to me and thank you all that are following me.  I hope I can inspire someone just like me to take those few extra steps to start their own challenge TODAY!  If I can do it you can do it.  If you ever have any questions please contact me
Finally for today, I have been asked a few time about what was exactly in that famous “green smoothie” that I have gotten to love so much from Help Yourself, so here’s the ingredients:
smoothies and fruit parfait
Tropical Green – Pineapple, mango, banana, cucumber, cilantro,spinach, lime
You really don’t taste the greens and it is so refreshing and I know my body is just loving it. I can’t wait to learn to make some green smoothies myself!
Also in this picture is the fruit parfait which I have got addicted to for my post work out breakfast and the berry bliss smoothie.
charlie cookingLeigh has now been on her cleansing diet for a week and her body has really begun to detox and get rid of all the bad stuff that has been building up in her system over the previous years. Because her body is now getting cleaner and she has eliminated all the bad stuff from her diet it is easier to pinpoint the things that don’t work for her, like the milk. Before, Leigh told me she always felt kind of bad but just assumed that was how she should feel as she didn’t know any different. During this week she has begun to realise that she has the potential to feel fantastic and its inspiring her to keep going rather than returning to how she used to feel, and again the  milk was a great example.
Her face definitely looks so much more radient. When I first met Leigh I could immediately tell that she did not drink enough water due to the puffiness around her eyes and that is now beginning to go. It really is fantastic to watch all the changes happening! She even told me she had to go to a children’s birthday party where they were serving pizza, and while she was carrying the pizza all she could think about was how disgusting it was and how she just craved real food!
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