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DAY 9 – Gratitude

November 10, 2009


Leigh green drinkI have been asked about how my family is dealing with everything that has been going on. I really cannot complain too much, my husband Matt is amazing and is following right along with me. We have dinner together every night and he is enjoying the different foods we have been trying at Help Yourself. Today I received a call from him during the day and he asked me to guess where he was eating lunch. I really had no idea, I thought he would probably say some restaurant downtown or something but he said he was at Help Yourself! Wow he went there because he knew that I too was eating something from there. What an great guy! He is so supportive of me.

leigh charlie hysMy kids at the beginning really had a hard time. Asking them to eat every meal from Help Yourself was a bit too much but I have slowly modified their diets too. I REALLY had a problem with Sophia and her “chicken”. But recently I have discovered Morning Star Chix patties which are 100% vegetarian and the kids LOVE them! Ethan is eating fruits and veggies a lot now too. It’s almost easier than I thought it would be with them. I do sometimes get those, ” what ever happened to the chips or “fruit snacks”?”

Having a supportive family has really helped me with the Challenge so far. I can’t ever thank them enough for all they have done for me. I also need to thank my closest friends too, so many of them have done a lot for me over the past few weeks. Whether it’s watching the kids at the last minute or just listening to me when I need to talk. Thanks again, LAS

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