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DAY 11 – Spinning with Charlie

November 11, 2009


Leigh Have you hugged a veteran today? Happy Veterans Day to all in the military service. We will always be proud of you and your service to this great country we live in!

Today Charlie joined me for Spin Class at Stay Fit Studios (check out the video at the end of the post). I really liked that she came out and was right beside me. You did Great Charlie and thank you for the support! I was working so hard to stay with everyone else. At one moment the instructor came over and I had too much resistance on so I was around 20-40 RPM when I needed to be at 60-80! Sure a lot of you may be asking what the HELL is she talking about now, honestly I am not really sure but I do know I was doing wrong and making it too hard on myself! I “hurt” my back at yesterdays class but didn’t think it was that bad. But today my back was killing me. It hurts so bad and I cannot wait to have Amy look at it tomorrow morning. I am fine sitting or standing it’s when I get up from the sitting position that it kills me. I hope it’s nothing serious. I hate being in pain.

carrot picAn amazing thing happened while making my salad tonight, Sophia asked for a CARROT to eat! She had just eaten an APPLE! Look at my kid, she is doing great with this change. WOOHOO!!

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