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Leighs Progress

November 13, 2009


instructor_amy_sWeek 2 with Leigh is going great she is getting stronger and more comfortable in her skin every day. She is experiencing a little pain in her lower back which is as Cheryle told her an imbalance in muscular strength in her body. Leigh bikeWhen we have a week core we tend to ask the biggger stronger back muscle to work first instead of using the abdominal which is the whole reason Pilates helps the body to learn to ask the correct muscles to work in turn creating a strong core and back. Helping us to be stronger in everyday life. Because Leigh has weakness she has created a slight hip rotation and an inflammation, her body’s way of dealing with the new program. We will simply work to let the body know that it does not need to compensate in this way, and it will in turn make her even stronger in the end that way. I love the body it tells us so much we just need to listen to it.


charlieprofileThis first part of Leigh’s challenge has been focused on exercise. She has been collecting her food daily from Help Yourself and by us taking away the stress of her having to think about  food and what she should eat, we enabled her to fully focus on bringing in exercise and developing a routine, which she has embraced amazingly. From doing nothing at all, with an excuse for everything, Leigh has now found that time for herself and been in the gym every morning. All it took was putting her daughter into childcare for 2 hours each day. I talked to her today and there is no doubt she will be continuing with her new exercise routine long after the challenge is over.

leigh charlie hysHowever, Help Yourself will not be providing her food forever so as we approach the second part of the challenge we will focus more heavily on the food and teach Leigh more about ingredients, how to use them, the health benefits and lots of delicious meals she can continue to prepare for her family once the challenge is over. Keep watching for regular food and cooking videos during the next 2 weeks.

When making a lifestyle change, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with everything all at once. Knowing that you want a healthier life that integrates mind, body and soul is step one, then keeping that thought but focusing on one aspect at a time will help you reach your goals a lot quicker.

Leigh’s excuse for not exercising was lack of time. Being a Mom is a full time job and there was always something else she had to be doing. But really there’s no excuse for those excuses, there’s always a solution. Leigh’s solution was to put her daughter in child care for just 2 hours a day. Whats your solution?

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