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Half Way Point!

November 15, 2009

LeighDon’t forget to meet Donna and I at Publix tomorrow morning for a mini shopping class and any tips she may pass on to me!


Cannot believe it’s already been 15 days into the Challenge.  People ask me how I feel, how are my children dealing with the change, how is the food, what will I do and eat after the Challenge?
I feel great but I still get tired later in the day, my body isn’t used to being pulled in a million different directions throughout the day!   My family is doing great with the changes now. The first week was really hard with the kids.  They rarely ask for the items that were taken away over a week ago.  It makes it very hard when the kids aren’t happy – they aren’t happy Mommy’s not happy!  After the Challenge I will continue to exercise, whether it’s at Stay Fit or a gym on base I will continue to go often.  Probably won’t be 6 days a week but I will need to keep it up.  I may complain during the workouts but I love the way it makes me feel afterwards!

After Nov 30 I won’t be getting my food from Help Yourself so over the next 2 weeks we are going to have a lot of cooking classes to teach and show me different things I can make at home.  I am really looking forward to expanding my cooking knowledge or lack of “knowledge”!

The first week I lost 5 lbs and last week I didn’t loose anything.  I was surprised about that and a little disappointed, but I tried not to get discouraged because I know I am doing great!  Amy pointed out that because I had not been exercising before I had no muscle mass, and now that I have been exercising 6 days a week for 2 weeks, I have begun to build muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, so that is why the scales don’t read any different. Charlie also reminded me that we are going for long term lifestyle results not a quick fix like some of the other fad diets, and at this stage it is not what the scales say that matters it’s how I feel.
And I feel 110% better than I did 2 weeks ago! I can feel it inside and see it in my face and body. My face and skin is so much clearer, I have lost the puffiness around my eyes and my thoughts are much clearer. I have noticed a difference in my kids behavior too, they are much calmer and happier from the change in diet.
In the past I would have gotten discouraged and probably would of given up if I hadn’t lost any weight in a week.  All that work and nothing to show from it!  But this time its different. I may not be showing numbers but I feel fantastic, like a new person, Matt can see the change, my friends can see it, so I am not giving up!
Tonight’s dinner plans:  We are having some grilled fish that Matt caught on a recent fishing trip and roasting some veggies (squash, zucchini, onions, carrots and red peppers) that Charlie taught me how to do. Followed by Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream from Help Yourself!
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