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Go RAW with Leigh!

November 18, 2009

Leighs Update
Another “Detox” will start this Thursday. I am doing a Raw Food Diet for three days and on the forth I will have nothing but juices??!! I am still researching the whole thing and I will let everyone know how it is going on Thursday. Very curious to see how this goes! If anyone wants to join me on my 3 days raw and the juice fast Charlie is putting together a meal plan so other people can sign up. See below for more details.

HOME LIFE: Can you believe it, Sophia wanted to eat Broccoli for breakfast yesterday morning! Ethan is still happy with eating different fruits and they both have been drinking alot more water lately. I am so pleased that they are accepting the “change” so easily. Sure there are still those moments but I think they are doing great! Even our dog, Forester is a part of this Challenge. He usually got table scraps from dinner, etc and he doesn’t get that anymore. There is nothing left over that he wants. I have even started getting organic dog food. It’s like a makeover for the whole Smith family!


Leigh says she is ready for more detox, so we are going to do a ‘3 Day Raw’ with her! That means on Thursday, Friday and Saturday she will not be eating anything that has been cooked above 115 degress. All her meals will be comprised of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with plenty of greens and lots of water! The reason raw food is so good is that cooking food often destroys the enzymes that we need to properly digest it plus a lot of the nutrients, so raw food with all its natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals in tact, really is the ultimate in nutrition.

If you would like to join Leigh on her 3 Days Raw you can sign up for our 3 Day Raw package. Here are the details:

3 Days Raw – $99.00

For three days (Thursday 19th, Friday 20th, Saturday 21st) this includes:

  • Daily fresh juice
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

You can either pick up your meals or choose to have them delivered free to your home or work. This means for three days you don’t have to think about your food, we take care of it!

If you would like to sign up or are interested in future detox programs please email or stop by Help Yourself, 829 Fleming Street (corner of Fleming and Margret)

Menu will be posted later today. All raw dishes will be available as a special each day.

Join Leigh and go RAW for 3 Days!

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