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Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today…

November 18, 2009


It all came tumbling down on me this morning.  I think the last three weeks have finally caught up; it wasn’t a good morning at my house this morning.  I was short with my children and husband.  Nothing that anyone said to me helped.  I was mad, upset and sad all at the same time.  I so just wanted to take Sophia to childcare and crawl back into bed.  But I pushed myself to leave the house.  I called Amy to let her know that I was missing the Spin Class but I was on my way.  She knew I was upset and gave me options on my workout for today.  Once I got to Stay Fit, neither Amy or Vanessa (video camera) were there.  I could breathe a sigh of relief for a second while working out, no trainer or camera in my face today.

Just then Cheryl, who I will call my Angel of the day came over to talk to me.  Seeing her and knowing she knew exactly what I was going through just lifted so much off my shoulders.  We walked outside together for awhile, I talked, cried and even bitched to her.  She was amazing, she just LISTENED to every word I had to say about anything and everything.  That’s all I needed and she was the one I needed.  Cheryl has been in my shoes, she knows how hard this challenge can be and after talking with her I felt alot better! (Watch Cheyrl’s video below).  She stuck with me all morning at the gym, she walked with me, talked to me and even rooted me on with my workout!  Thank you so much Cheryl. I hope one day I too can be that person someone can go to for support like you were to me this morning.

Everyone has their bad days but I will continue on, I am even stronger now.  I will be at the gym again tomorrow for Pedal and Pump, I will be starting my “Go Raw” 3 day challenge, I will have the beach bootcamp on Friday morning with all of my supporters and I will do it with my head held HIGH!

Meet Cheryl

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