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Thursday 19th – Leighs Blog Post

November 20, 2009


While taping the intro for todays workout outside of Stay Fit Studio I saw my husband walking down up the street to join me. What a huge shock, I was so happy he came to join me at the gym. I had NO idea he was coming but everyone else knew he had planned to surprise me. We had a great workout. It was a pedal and pump day and I kicked some butt. Kinda had to show off for my husband! Not long ago he said “You wouldn’t even walk or ride a bike around the block with me” and today I did an hour long Spin and Strength building class with him. Wow, That makes me smile and seeing how happy and proud he is of me makes me smile. A good friend said something to me on FaceBook tonight that really meant a lot. She said “That is so awesome! You have supported him all these years and he’s giving back in the best way ever. Goooo Team!” Couldn’t of said it any better and thank you Candace.

I survived the first day of my Raw Food Diet. Wasn’t too bad. I drank a lot of water, probably more than I have ever had before. For my breakfast I had a bowl with some diced avocado and mango, a squeeze of lime, a swirl of raw honey and some chopped almonds, it was delicious! For lunch I had a raw burger made with ground pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, mushrooms and veggies then dehydrated – not quite the burger I am used to!! But the coleslaw that came with it was delicious. For dinner I had a marinated kale salad with pinenuts, raisins and carrots. I really enjoyed it and Charlie told me to chew it well and slowly which I did and it really filled me up. Can you believe it 3 weeks ago I never ate fresh vegetables and now I am eating a whole bowl filled with raw kale!!!

Oh and guess what, I think I am going to arrange for a cleaning person to come to my house. I think once the challenge is over I will have someone come on Mondays (I have declared Mondays as LEIGH days) I wont have the twins, Sophia can stay at childcare, I can go to the gym, store or whatever the hell I want to do for myself. Then when it’s all over I come home to a clean house! Cannot get any better than that, it will make everyone happy especially ME!

Here’s Episode 25:

It seems Leigh’s husband, Matt, has a sense of humor! Here are the outtakes…!!

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