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Day 21

November 21, 2009

Not sure if I am really hungry or it’s just because I am so nervous about tomorrow’s “JUICING” day! The 3 RAW food diet days weren’t bad at all. I had some great new foods and some that I didn’t care much for but when you are hungry you can eat just about anything. I had these noodles yesterday with a creamy marinara sauce which were really tasty but after I was finished I had to call Charlie as I was so confused. I thought I was supposed to be eating all raw so I was wondering why she gave me cooked noodles. I was so suprised to find out that the noodles were in fact raw zuchinni that she had put through a simple machine that makes it look like spaghetti. Wow, I’m impressed, I was totally fooled! In fact I am hoping this is one of the things Charlie is going to show me/us in her open cooking demo on Wednesday (9.45 Wednesay 25th at Help Yourself, join me!)

I have been through so much during this challenge I don’t know why I am stressing about tomorrows juice fast so much? Never mind I do know! Hello… tell me that I cannot have solid food for a day I am going to stress about it! I picked up some “juice” and coconut water from Help Yourself tonight and I am sure I looked like a deer in highlights to Charlie tonight. I was surprised about the amount of juice she gave me, it is so little in my eyes. She was explaining what to do when I was hungry tomorrow, how I need to drink alot of water and even giving me ideas about adding lemon to water or even heating up the water with honey and/or lemon. “Try not to think about it Leigh!” Hell, I am already thinking about it Charlie!!!! I will keep you posted on my thoughts and feeling tomorrow.

Turkey Trot 5K
This morning I was in my second 5K race here on base. I really had a good time. A friend of mine stopped, got out of her car and walked/ran a mile of the race with me. Wow what a rush! My time was at least 5-10 mins faster this race. My next race, Run Run Rudolph is Dec 5 and I would love if you could come out to Run/Walk with me.


Sunday is Leighs day of rest and this Sunday she is ending her 3 day raw food diet with a juice fast. This means she will not be eating any solid food for 24 hours, just drinking plenty of water with some juice and fresh coconut water. I think the hardest thing for anyone doing a fast for the first time is the  mental aspect, the thought of depriving yourself of food. Any healthy person can go without food for a day, nothing bad is going to happen, we are not going to die of starvation, its all in the mind. Our bodies will actually benefit from a day without solid food and here is why. Everyday we fill our stomachs with food so everyday our internal organs, the parts of us we don’t see (which means we don’t think about), are busy at work digesting, sorting, assimilating and eliminating this food. Just as our internal organs finish working on one meal down comes more and more and more so they rarely get a rest. By abstaining from solid food for 24 hours our internal organs can finally breathe a sigh of relief and take a day off themselves! So Leighs challenge tomorrow is going to be to embrace this day of not eating, to really connect with her inner body, allow it to rest, enjoy it, and use her mental strength to rise above the pangs of hunger which she may or may not have. On Monday morning I bet Leigh will wake up feeling light and full of energy!

Leigh you can do it, this is nothing compared to what you have already accomplished!

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  1. Lynn Smith permalink
    November 21, 2009 10:16 pm

    Hey Leigh,

    Good job (did I see you at that wine tasting last week?).

    You are going to be blown away by the juice fast … you won’t feel hungry because when you do, you’ll have a lot of water, some juice, a little lemon water, more plain water and before you know it, you will be so high on the energy your body has because it doesn’t have to deal with all that heavy food we stuff into our mouths every day, you will wonder why you never realized before how light you can feel, how magically clean and clear inside.

    I used to fast every Sunday … no pancakes or any of that stuff we usually think of as “treats”. I did it because the biggest treat of all is feeling light and energetic and clear in my mind, not bogged down. I’m ready to join you tomorrow with no solid food.

    Enjoy the break from food digestion, shopping, cooking, the time involved in eating and the clean up!! You can give yourself a mani/pedi in the free time you will have tomorrow! Or whatever, take a walk, hang out at Fort Zach with the kids, have fun!

    Go get ’em, tiger! We’re all rooting for you!


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