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I survived Thanksgiving and I am still on track!

November 27, 2009

Did you know that the average American consumes over 5000 calories on Thanksgiving with all the snacks, drinks and turkey dinner? That’s enough food for 4 days! I have to be honest Thanksgiving was making me a little worried just because it’s the holiday that’s ‘all about food’. I had family in town, we were going out for lunch and I didn’t want to blow all my great efforts in one meal. Was I going to be tempted to eat the wrong things? What should I eat? Would I eat too much? But I needn’t have worried, I did great!!

We went to the Casa Marina Resort for our Thanksgiving dinner, they had quite a spread and it was good. I actually stayed away from all the “normal” Thanksgiving dishes but really enjoyed the seafood, roasted veggies, different salads they had and did have a small piece of turkey. The desserts looked outstanding but I stayed clear of them and really was proud of myself for being so strong. Actually I didn’t really want to eat them but they looked so pretty. My family was proud of me the whole week they were here visiting. Sodas in our house, snack foods for the kids and I didn’t even slip one little treat! Sometimes I surprise myself but I am so pleased at the same time!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving lunch/dinners!

Today’s workout went well with Cheryl, we did kickboxing, strength work and boxing. My Mom joined me for some yoga for the last 20 mins of the workout. My Mom and I actually went kayaking together this afternoon behind my house. Thank goodness no one was there to witness it but we had so much fun. We laughed so hard together. Good times and a great day!

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