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The Big Reveal

November 29, 2009

It’s Monday 30th and Leigh’s challenge with us is up, but her life is changed forever. 30 days ago her kids had never eaten an orange. The only cooking she did was to open a package and pop it in the microwave or mini toaster oven. Now, she is eating fruits and vegetables all day long, roasting veggies to go with her husbands freshly caught fish, making her own smoothies, salad dressings and dairy free milks and her daughter is even asking for broccoli for breakfast.

30 days ago Leigh hardly went for a walk, now she is exercising vigorously for an hour a day, she has completed her second 5k with the 3rd next weekend. She is ‘running’ the Disney half marathon with her Mom early next year.

She feels great, looks fantastic and has lost a significant amount of weight.

Come and join us all Monday 30th December 6pm-8pm upstairs at Nine One Five, 915 Duval street. Find out how much weight Leigh has lost, see her after her make over and meet the team behind it all.

See you there!

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