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30 Days Done…Now the Rest of Leigh’s Life

December 9, 2009

What we’ve accomplished with Leigh (and more importantly what Leigh has accomplished for herself) in the past 30 days was just step 1. The real success will be in keeping the momentum of this past month and ultimately reaching your goal weight.

We’re all very proud of the group effort it took to help Leigh on her journey to a totally new lifestyle. Each of us contributed our own expertise and then having Vanessa to document every waking moment was really a lot of fun. We all forged new friendships and provided a support system for Leigh and for each other.

So, next step for Leigh is to continue onward with everything she’s learned this past month and make it fit into her life from now on. For Charlie, Donna and Amy, we’re taking what we learned and crafting new programs that will enable anyone to accomplish what Leigh has done. While these new programs won’t be as intensive as this 30-day crash course, the principles remain the same. No fad diets, no fake food.

To get on our email list and be notified when the next Help Yourself program begins, please visit and put ’30 days’ in the comment field.-

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