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The Candidate

LeighOut of 80+ applications we narrowed it down to 6 finalists and then to 1 winner.

Leigh Smith is the lucky person, who we will be spending 30 days with, to help her, help herself!

Leigh is a 34 year old Army wife and mother of two beautiful children. Leigh was born in southern Mississippi where she spent most of her youth. She moved to Maryland at the age of 16 and where she remained throughout her high school years.

After graduation Leigh moved back to Mississippi for a short time. One evening whilst her and a friend were driving across town to church, tradegy struck. A drunk driver hit their car head on at speed and left her friend seriously injured and Leigh in a coma. 

After a long recovery, with years of therapy, back in Maryland she began to put her life back together. Leigh started working in the medical field, volunteering with the fire department and going back to school.

In the fall of 1996 Leigh met the love of her life, Matt. Matt was in the military and left to go overseas for a year. Leigh wrote to him every day and when he returned home they were married in the summer of 1998. In 2002 Leigh and Matt had their first child, a boy, named Ethan and four years later in 2006 a daughter they named Sophia.

Today Leigh lives in sunny Key West where her husband is stationed. She enjoys the Keys Lifestyle and couldn’t be happier with friends and family here. But Leigh feels as though there is something missing. Between the accident, her children, her husband, and the military so much has come between her and her well being. Over the years she has become reliant on the ease of prepared foods and processed meals to save time. Now she is looking for a way rid her life of these bad habits and take control of her health and that of her families. She has accepted the “Thirty Days to Help Yourself Challenge”.

Stay tuned and watch her become the healthy woman she deserves to be!

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  1. Vanessa permalink
    October 30, 2009 2:48 pm

    Leigh, this is soooo great! You do deserve it! Best of luck!

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